Foundation News on the Building for Generations Campaign

When nearly 500 babies are born each year in a facility built to comfortably deliver 250, it becomes a time to expand. That’s why the North Valley Hospital Foundation is ramping up its capital campaign, Building for Generations, to raise the last $500,000 needed for the construction their Birth Center expansion plus an additional $500,000 for equipment and staff training for a total goal of $1MM.

The Birth Center project calls for 2730 square feet of new space and extensive renovation of approximately 1045 square feet of existing space in the hospital. The construction will provide for the addition or room conversion to create three new labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) rooms to make a total of five LDRP and two postpartum rooms. These combination “LDRP” rooms allow mothers to stay in the same room from start of labor through discharge making it more comfortable for her and her family. Currently, 30% of mothers who deliver in The Birth Center experience their postpartum care in general inpatient rooms due to lack of available rooms in The Birth Center. The size of the nursery will be increased to care for babies needing special attention. Other changes include a larger nurses’ station to accommodate multiple providers and staff, a larger family waiting area, and a new lactation room to assist new mothers.

“Our plan is to break ground this spring, weather permitting, and complete the project before the holidays,” said Michelle Drager, Executive Director of the North Valley Hospital Foundation. “Today, $500,000 is needed to reach our goal of $1.5MM for the expansion so we have decided to reach out to the community with this challenge. Above that, an additional $500,000 is needed for equipment and training. It would be reassuring to know we had 100% of the funding committed before breaking ground, but if it doesn’t happen, we’ll move forward with the construction in the anticipation that our goal will be realized by the time construction is complete. ”
Drager explained that all contributions, regardless of the size, are appreciated. To help visualize how donations could be put to good use, she provided some examples as to how contributions of any amount can help:

• $20 could pay for some new nursery bedding.
• $500 could pay for a portable monitor.
• $3,000 could pay for an infant bassinet.
• $14,000 could pay for a labor and delivery bed.

The campaign has been in progress since late 2012 when Building for Generations was initiated to focus on the comprehensive plan for meeting the current and future healthcare needs of the communities served by North Valley Hospital. The Flathead County Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) was underway at the time to understand the area’s health needs so the results were incorporated into the hospital’s plans to better serve the community.

The first project completed in the campaign was the addition of a fourth operating room for North Valley Hospital to accommodate their growing surgical needs while maintaining access for emergency C-sections. The expansion broke ground on April 15, 2013 and was completed 6 months later at a cost of $1.76MM.

For more information on the Building for Generations campaign, please contact the NVH Foundation Office at 406-863-3630 or


NVH Birth Center Expansion - South campus view

NVH Birth Center Expansion – South campus view

Building for Generations

What do we mean when we define North Valley Hospital as a “community hospital?”  To me a community hospital is an important piece of the tapestry of our lives, where our life story might begin or end, where the most traumatic events might lead us or where we bring new lives into our family and community. Our impact is often characterized by the number of patients we served or the amount of charity care we provided, but on a personal level, the most important things that happen in our lives, may happen at North Valley Hospital.

North Valley Hospital and its outreach clinics are dedicated to a community journey that spans from pre-birth to ensuring that satisfying senior living and long-term care services are available. Our board and management team are committed to ensuring that current and future services reflect the needs of our community through internal growth and collaborative partnerships. Those services include expansion of surgical services, geriatric medicine and senior living, behavioral health, wellness initiatives and education, and an expanded birth center. Through our Foundation partner and people like you, we will continue to keep the hospital at the leading edge of technology and recruit the highest quality staff & physicians.

NVH is a pillar of the communities we serve both as a consistent leader in ensuring access to quality healthcare and as a strong economic engine representing approximately 400 jobs and $20,000,000+ in annual payroll. From wellness programs in our local schools to service work through places like Shepherds Hand Free Clinic, we have worked to create a team of caregivers who are an integral part of the community.

As a not-for-profit facility our focus is on returning value to the areas we serve in both cost effective, quality healthcare and reinvestment in our community. With the consistent growth of all services since we moved into our new facility in 2007, we simply have outgrown our space. Our long term expansion plan needs to be fast tracked due to this success and growth. The Building for Generations Campaign will allow us to more quickly expand in order to meet the growing demand for our services from Orthopedics to Obstetrics.

For over 100 years the community has been instrumental in developing NVH and through your support of the Building for Generations Campaign, we will continue to be a vital asset in this community and provide the quality of life and care you expect. Whether you are looking to help others in our area, have had a friend or loved one in our hospital, or simply want to strengthen our community, the North Valley Hospital Foundation is a solid investment in the future of Whitefish for generations to come.