NV Foundation


Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in the North Valley Hospital Foundation where your gifts keep on giving. Your support allows us to offer the best healthcare possible as the Foundation Board of Directors works alongside the hospital team to ensure:

  • Innovation and leading-edge technology is available to our dedicated health care team.Dr and child patient
  • Wellness and community programs continue and expand valley wide.
  • Active community health and education partnerships like Shepherd’s Hand and Flathead Valley Community College are nurtured and supported.
  • Strategic growth of the hospital that aligns with community needs is made possible in a timely fashion.
  • The hospital is ready for disasters that may hit our valley.
  • Children have the gift of a teddy bear to help them through a frightening procedure and leave with the memory of a soft cuddly bear.

Perhaps you are looking to help others in our community who need special healthcare services; have had a loved one or friend who spent his or her final moments in our care; you or a family member received tender loving professional care by one of our doctors or staff; or your family anxiously awaited news of your loved one. We have several avenues for you to acknowledge North Valley Hospital and our staff with a simple note of gratitude on a “Caught You Caring” card or you may choose to make a donation to the department or program of your choice with a “Grateful Patient” donation. Your support and personal comments make a difference in the quality of healthcare for our patients. We thank you for choosing North Valley Hospital Foundation as a recipient of your philanthropy.
We look forward to hearing from you,

Marcus Duffey
Chairman of the Board