Birth Center Mom And BabyExpectant mothers and their families come from far and wide to deliver at The Birth Center at North Valley Hospital. Our focus on family-centered maternity care personalizes each birth experience so that parents are involved and share in the childbearing event according to their wishes. Whether you are a nuclear family, single parent, or belong to an extended family, it is the objective of the entire staff to meet your individual needs so your experience may be fulfilling and rewarding.



New labor/deliver/recovery/postpartum room

New labor/deliver/recovery/postpartum room

The popularity of our Birth Center created the need for a major renovation and expansion complete with new amenities and technologies focused on family care, safety and comfort. The 2730 square foot expansion added three additional labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms. The beautiful new rooms include built-in jetted tubs, Murphy-style postpartum beds, large restrooms and soft lighting. There was also extensive renovation of approximately 1045 square feet of existing space providing for a larger nursery to care for babies needing special attention. Other changes include a larger nurses’ station to accommodate multiple providers and staff, an expanded family waiting area, and a new lactation room to assist new mothers.  An upgraded infant security system was also added.

The Birth Center staff collaborates with Obstetricians, Family Practice Physicians and Certified Nurse Midwives to do everything possible in making parent’s wishes come true including a variety of options to make your labor, delivery and post-partum more comfortable. The Birth Center works hard every day to maintain an extremely high approval rating, 98% breast feeding success rate and a C-section rate that is well below the national average.

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Here you will find personalized care in a warm, home-like environment to help you relax and rejoice in your birth experience including:

  • Large, LDPR and post-partum rooms with queen-size Tempur-Pedic(R) beds, wireless internet, and DVD player
  • Patient-centered care with 1-on-1 nursing attention during labor
  • Jetted tubs for relaxation and water births.
  • In-room daybeds or fully-reclining loungers for the comfort of overnight guests
  • Wide variety of pain control methods from acupuncture to epidurals.  Now offering Nitrous Oxide for pain management during labor.
  • Professional infant photography session provided complimentary by Lot 22 Photography
  • In-room massage
  • Delicious food including Cuisine-on-Call service
  • Gift basket for baby
  • Free birth and perinatal classes


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Before you Arrive - What you will want to know to prepare for your visit.

Before You Arrive

Getting ready for delivery is an exciting time. During your routine prenatal visits, discuss your desired birth plan with your care provider.

To familiarize yourself with The Birth Center and North Valley Hospital, consider touring the maternity area ahead of time during our monthly Talk and Tour, and for brother- or sister-to-be, we offer a monthly Siblings Class. About five to six months before your due date, call The Birth Center to register for Childbirth Classes with an experienced OB nurse/childbirth educator.

You will want to register yourself at the Admitting Office prior to your due date so you need only check in for any outpatient tests and when you arrive in labor. Several weeks before your baby is due, you may want to pack a small suitcase with these items:

  • Nursing bra (if you plan to breast feed)
  • Robe & Slippers
  • Insurance Card
  • Personal grooming articles (shampoo, hairbrush, makeup, etc.)
  • Music CDs or DVDs; laptop or IPad

For the baby: CAR SEAT (required to leave hospital), shirt, hat, blanket and going home outfit


When you arrive - It's time!

The closest entry to The Birth Center is the south entrance of the hospital. It is a good idea if you can notify your provider and The Birth Center before you arrive so we can prepare for your arrival. Note that the doors to the Birth Center are alarmed and locked 24/7 for the safety of  patients.  When you arrive, pick up the telephone on the desk to the right of the doors to request entry.

The Birth Center Experience

IMG_8922The spacious, private birthing suites in The Birthing Center provide a home-like atmosphere where expectant moms can share the birthing experience with their loved ones. Maintaining this feel, supplies and equipment are kept relatively out-of-sight while being next to the delivery bed where a nurse will monitor your and your baby’s progress carefully.

If you have chosen a special method of childbirth preparation, the nursing staff will be supportive of your request while keeping in mind your own health and safety of the baby. A warm and soothing whirlpool is available for those who desire to labor in a tub and an Aqua Doula® tub or built-in tubs are available for water births. North Valley Hospital’s Birth Center is one of the few hospitals in Montana to offer water births. If you are interested in having a water birth, please discuss this option with your doctor or midwife prior to arriving for labor.

Cesarean Births:

You will be carefully monitored and coached during your labor by our professional nursing and medical staff. While most births occur without complications, for those rare moments, cesarean births take place in our operating suite. In most cases, dad, or a designated support person, can accompany you into surgery to be present for the birth.

Following Your Delivery - Caring for Parents and Baby

Birth Center 4Parents and baby will be joined after the baby’s condition is considered stable. In most cases, parents have the opportunity to hold their baby immediately after birth. New moms will be moved shortly after the birth to a private postpartum room to rest and relax for the remainder of her stay. It’s there that you will be offered a complimentary massage from one of our massage therapists. Hospital meals are served three times a day and our “Cuisine on Call” menu is also available.

We encourage new parents to get as much rest as possible while at North Valley Hospital. A daybed is available for dad or support person. Our visitation policy is 24-hours a day, seven days a week, but with restricted access for security purposes.

Complimentary Professional Photography of Your Newborn:

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Gywnn CummingsThe Birth Center offers a free professional photo session in the hospital within 10 days of birth including a free photo of your baby. Our photographer is also an obstetric registered nurse, who has that special touch to care and quiet your baby during the photo session. Check out our New Arrivals website page. If you elect to have your baby’s picture in the newspaper, make sure to pick up the Flathead Beacon on the last Wednesday of the month following the month your baby was born. It is in this edition we welcome all of the babies born in the Valley the previous month by displaying their photo with parent’s consent.

Before You Go Home

AtleyOur nurses and lactation consultants will provide you instructions on:

  • Nutrition and care of your newborn and yourself
  • Breast feeding
  • Bathing of your newborn
  • Immunizations
  • What to expect after delivery


Our nurses will schedule a postpartum visit three days after your release date. We encourage parents to call The Birth Center with any concerns you may experience after you are home. We also encourage participation in the weekly Mother-Baby Support Group. Gather with other new and seasoned moms along with one of The Birth Center nurses to ask questions and find comfort with all the new changes in your life.

For additional information on North Valley classes and events, check out our Main Events Page.

Birth Center Brochures: Birth Center Overview; Maternity Services, Infant Massage


The birth of your baby is one of the most important events of your life. We look forward to sharing that with you and exceeding your expectations for a wonderfully memorable experience.


Contact the Birth Center:

Birth Center Nurses Station: 406-863-3535

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Cindy Walp, Birth Center Manager 406-863-3651